The Personal Development Group is an experienced staff of psychologists and counselors who offer a whole person approach to psychotherapy, counseling, training for business management, and seminars for therapy professionals. Seminar information is available for anger management, workplace ethics, diversity training, emotional management, and increasing your emotional IQ. Psychotherapy and counseling are available for stress, ADD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, marital and relationship issues. EMDR and family treatment are offered. Tambien terapia en Espanol. Chicago area locations for the PDG include: Lincoln Park 60610, Lakeview 60613, and Evanston 60201.

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Links to Health and Healing Resources

Links to Services and Support:

3rd Coast Craniosacral

Reorganize, create balance, and begin to self-correct. By slowing the tempo of the body rhythms and settling to a deep stillness, you can reorient to your original blueprint of health. Craniosacral therapy delivered by a well credentialed and highly respected practitioner. Individual and group yoga instruction. Meditation training also available.

Healing Junction

At Healing Junction, we provide "integrated" health care: we combine western and complementary approaches to promote optimal health and well-being. Our main office is in Chicago at 3322 N. Ashland; we also have offices in Oak Park and Palos Park. By offering integrated medicine together with healing therapies for body, mind, and soul, we tailor an optimal approach for each individual. We will be happy to offer you a free phone consultation to see if we can help you, Healing Junction offers many healing resources including acupuncture, integrative medicine, psychology, chiropractic, and massage.

Crisis Hotlines

The Mental Health Association of Great Chicago phone crises lines and contacts for emergency services.

Evanston Domestic Violence Crisis Line

24 hour help for support or immediate intervention.


Find support for a variety of issues. Separate meetings for teens.

Information about Mental and Whole-body Health:

American Psychological Association

Well reseached articles that cover many questions about stress, depression, anxiety, parenting, relationships, and other issues that can impact your mental health.


Since 1995, Internet Mental Health has provided information on mental health free-of-charge. In 2005, they launched three new support groups (communities) for Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Schizophrenia. Information on symptoms, drugs and other treatments purported to be independent of pharmaceutical industry influence.

Medscape Drug Interaction Checker

Includes at least some OTC (over the counter), herbal, and nutritional supplements.  As always, consult with your MD. Believe it or not, the internet does not (yet) know who you are and always dispense the best advice.

Univ. of Maryland Medical Cntr. Drug Interaction Checker

Check for interactions between your medicines, foods, nutritional supplements, and herbs. This is one example of many online drug intertaction checkers that can help you find out about side effects and allergic reactions. They are all slightly different; be sure to keep your MD "in the loop".

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