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The Personal Development Group offers

     psychotherapy and counseling services

     formulated to enhance your experience of life:

To find happiness

To increase your options

To help you achieve your goals

To break out of old patterns and create a positive path

To recognize reality, accept it, and work toward a brighter future

To adapt to a life that is constantly changing

To become the person that you want to be    


To Evolve


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The Personal Development Group is an experienced staff of psychologists and counselors who offer a whole person approach to psychotherapy, counseling, training for business management, and seminars for therapy professionals. Seminar information is available for anger management, workplace ethics, diversity training, emotional management, and increasing your emotional IQ. Psychotherapy and counseling are available for stress, ADD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, marital and relationship issues. EMDR and family treatment are offered. Tambien terapia en Espanol. Chicago area locations for the PDG include: Lincoln Park 60610, Lakeview 60613, and Evanston 60201.

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